How can I track my package?
for US order, use your tracking number on
for international orders, you can use or you can
contact us for an update.

Do you ship worldwide?
We do ship worldwide with very affordable costs.

When would I receive my package?
Here are estimated shipping times:
United States: 10-20 business days
Australia: 10-30 business days
Canada: 10-25 business days
Germany: 10-30 business days
United Kingdom: 10-20 business days
Europe: 10-26 business days.

How long would it take to fulfill an order?
Our processing time is 1-2 business days.

I received a damaged pair of socks, what should I do?
We have a 30 day returns policy. Please let us know as soon as
possible and we will either refund you or send you another pair.

Would the socks fit me?
Please check the description of each listing for more information about the sizing.

Can I cancel my order?
If your order was not marked as shipped you can still cancel
it! You just have to let us know as soon as possible
(1-2 days after you ordered)