Should You Wear Fun Socks?

Should You Wear Fun Socks?

How many times have we heard the golden fashion rule, "the color of your socks should match the color of your pants." It's a rule as old as time, and people are looking for more fun ways to amp up their outfits and challenge the status quo. There is absolutely a place in fashion for colorful, fresh, and fun socks. The days of having to only wear black socks with black trousers, and blue socks with blue jeans are over. Calling all adventurous dressers, it's time to mix it up!

Why should you wear fun socks?

Add color to your outfit:

There's a major misconception that wearing colorful socks in a business setting is frowned upon. Adding a slight pop of color, even in the office, is not only acceptable, but it can help brighten the day of those around you. Most offices today are much more casual than they used to be. A comfortable pair of slacks and colorful socks are the perfect fit for most office settings.

Show off personal interests:

Do you love the outdoors, animals, the color orange, or anything in between? One of the best things about fun socks is that they come in so many varieties of patterns and colors. No matter what your interests are, chances are, there's a pair of socks to match.

More reasons to wear colorful socks:

Colorful socks can be kept private. Keep your fun socks a secret, something special just for you. Depending on how you sit, you can easily disguise your colorful socks, and then when you want to show them off, change up your posture. You get to choose how, when, and where you show off your cool socks.

Feel more relaxed. Wearing fun socks will not only allow you to take yourself less seriously but can also make those around you feel more comfortable around you. This is an exceptionally great trick if you’ve ever been told you’re an intimidating person. Throw on a pair of fun socks and curb the ‘tough guy’ persona.

Fun socks vs. crazy socks:

When people start shopping around for fun socks to add to their wardrobe, they may be concerned that the socks are "too much." There is a difference between crazy socks and fun socks. Find a cool pair of socks that correlate with your personal style, or if you're new to the world of colorful socks, start easy. Buy a pair of socks with a classic pattern, just in a bolder color. Once you’re comfortable with those, spice it up and go for a more wild pattern.

You're young, you're fun, and you should wear clothing that reflects your personality. Cool socks are the easiest way to amp up any boring outfit. Cool socks can even be a conversation starter. Next time you're on a bus, or taking a walk, roll up your jeans and show off your fun socks. Who knows, maybe someone who also likes the color purple, mermaids, or mountains, will walk past and strike up a conversation.